About Me

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Suffering from Depression, and Social & General Anxiety, Peter did not like himself; He hated the way he looked, he hated the way he dressed, he hated his hair, shoes, glasses, and he hated being alone and lonely. After being inspired by people on social media, Peter woke up one day and decided he did not want to feel the same way anymore — He wanted to transform himself into a new person was better looking, stylish, and had
friends. What Peter did completely changed his life: He took the little energy he had from depression, and the little money he had from his life savings and invested it in himself. Peter read everything he could about fashion and being stylish and transformed himself completely. He was more confident, stylish, attractive, and he loved the way he looked but most importantly he wasn’t alone and lonely anymore.

Fashion & Style saved Peter’s life and he wants to share this experience with others so they can transform themselves just like Peter did. Peter took what he knew about Fashion & Style to help transform nearly 100 people with what they had in their closet, all without “breaking the bank.” Being able to transform and be stylish has nothing to do with your circumstances. If you’re prepared to adapt and learn, you can transform.