A StylishHo’s Guide to Layering

Fit: What you ‘layer’ on top of your shirt (your base) must fit you correctly as a regular shirt would.

Type: There are many different type of things you can layer on top of your base such as a blazer, zip-up sweater, v-neck sweatercardigan, or just a regular zip-up hoodie.

Material: Cold weathers would call for wool layers because it regulates temperature well but for Warm weathers you may consider Synthetics or Linen — Cotton does not wick away moisture very well.

Color: Your layer should compliment your base very similar to how your socks compliment your pants. However as a rule of thumb if you don’t know what color to pick, your layer should be darker than your base. Versatile colors to layer on top are variations of Navy and Gray, and try to avoid like colors such as a Black Base and layering Navy on top.

Patterns: Layering solid colors are much easier to work because you don’t have to worry about matching patterns however you can’t go wrong with adding patterns so long as your layers are not the same. For example, your base layer should not be polka-dots if you’re layering polka-dots. Contrast is key.

Formality: If you are in a casual setting, you can’t go wrong with layering a crew neck sweater however in a more formal environment a blazer or v-neck sweater would be better.

V-Neck or Crew Neck: V-Necks are more formal as they expose your tie (if you’re wearing one) and Crew Necks are more casual. I personally find V-Necks to be more appealing but it’s all personal preference.

Quick Note: When layering over a collared shirt, make sure your collar can be seen underneath your layering piece. If it doesn’t, it’s best to be wearing a shirt with no collar.

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