A StylishHo’s Guide to Undershirts

Fit: For an undershirt, it must fit close to your body rather to prevent added bagginess. It must also be long enough to tuck in – an undershirt that is too short is not an undershirt.

Color: An undershirt should closely match your skin tone however gray is most recommended underneath a white dress shirt because it blends better than a white undershirt and won’t show up underneath as shown here in an example from TheDistilledMan. This also applies to underwear.

Type: V-Neck or Crew neck is the question. For an undershirt, V-neck is the answer because it allows you to have your top button unbuttoned and not show through – An undershirt is like underwear, it should not be showing. Depending on how deep the v-neck is, you can even unbutton the second button and this deepness is what you should aim for in a v-neck undershirt.

Material: Like cotton socks, cotton under shirts are not good for wicking away moisture and sweat. Synthetic undershirts such as polyester, spandex, etc. are ideal for warmer days.

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