A Stylish Ho’s Guide to Glasses

Fit: Your glasses’ bridge should be sitting comfortably on your nose with the bridge being neither too big that your glasses doesn’t sit right nor should the bridge be too small where it leaves a small gap between your nose and the glasses’ bridge. Also, it’s important that the frames of the glasses are not wider than your face’s width or smaller, and the frames should not touch your cheeks nor cover your eyebrows. Yes, this also applies to sunglasses.

Material: Two main materials used for glasses are titanium and plastic, each have their own benefits of being lightweight, durable, and glossy depending on the glasses themselves.

Color: You can get creative with the color of your glasses especially if you have plastic glasses however when in doubt with what color you cannot go wrong with Tortoise or Black. If you want to take a more comprehensive approach to glasses, pick a color that pairs well with your hair color. For example, Tortoise Glasses with Brown hair, Black Glasses with Black hair, etc.

Shape: The shape of your glasses’ frame should contrast your face shape. If you have a round shape, you need more angles and dimensions to face so it’s best to get square or rectangular glasses. However if you have a square shape face then you need it’s structure with roundness with round glasses.

Lenses: Anti-Reflective lenses are imperative in any glasses you own. Here’s an example from AllAboutVision. It will make a big difference in pictures and also how you navigate through the world especially with light facing you.

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