A Stylish Ho’s Guide to Socks

  • Fit: Sizing on socks vary but essentially your socks should not be strangling your ankles — If your foot feels numb after having your socks on, your socks may be too tight and is affecting your blood circulation to your foot.
  • Color: Your socks must not “clash” with the color of your pants. For example, orange socks and brown pants do not go well together. With that in mind, you should not wear white socks — White socks in many people’s eyes are “tacky” and you never wear them unless you are working out. When in doubt, black socks are always safe. If you don’t know any other way to “spice up” your outfit, throw on a bright pair of socks (that does not “clash” with your pants) and this will also make your shoes more noticeable.
  • Type: There are many types of socks but the main ones are: No-Show Socks, Ankle Socks, Crew Socks, and Dress Socks. I suggest to many people to steer away from Ankle Socks because it is a bit “tacky” when you sit down and your socks are exposed with a bit of your skin showing.
  • Material: Most sock are made of purely cotton, wool, synthetics, or blends. In hot environments, like a cotton shirt, cotton socks does not do a good job at keeping you cool as it simply absorbs moisture and sweat from your feet and takes a long time to dry — Cotton Socks are a big reason people have smelly feet. Wool Socks are amazing at regulating wicking away moisture and are quite durable along with synthetic socks or blends.

Quick Note on not wearing socks: If you are not wearing socks there is nothing wrong with that however you may get blisters from walking in your shoes without socks. Also, your shoes may smell a bit because sweat from your feet is going directly into your shoes.

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