A Stylish Ho’s Guide to Pants

  • Fit: There are two ways to find out if your pants fit you properly: Measure your waist with a tape measure or try on pants in store. No pants should require a belt to fit your waist, if it does, you may need to size down but if you are in between two sizes, it’s okay to wear a belt. Also, the length of the pants should only leave a half break and at most a quarter break. A full break indicates your pants are too long and you may need to get them hemmed, however no break at all indicates your pants are a bit too short. It is important that your jeans fit you well and are not baggy. Depending on your body type you should be wearing straight cut, slim, or skinny pants. For example, if you are a muscular person, you may not want to be wearing skinny jeans because they will suffocate you.
  • Material: The majority of your pants should be made of cotton, denim, or wool, but keep in mind some pants may include a small percent of elastic material such as spandex — Nothing wrong with this as it adds more flexibility and comfort but be weary it may affect the waist fit.
  • Design: It’s perfectly acceptable to have patterns on your pants, and if you like ripped jeans there’s nothing wrong with that. In general, it is best to have flat-front pants instead of pleated pants because they are more formal and may be a bit “old.”
  • Type: There are 3 main type of pants: Chinos (cotton), Jeans (Denim), and Dress Pants (Wool). Each have different level of formalities. From casual to formal: Jeans -> Chinos -> Dress Pants. Typically Chinos are the most versatile of the three and should be a staple in every closet.
  • Formality: Jeans cannot be worn in a business casual environment, but chinos and dress pants can be worn, however chinos cannot be worn in formal events such as an interview while dress pants can be worn.
  • Colors: Versatile colors are important. For jeans, dark blue denim or a lighter denim are versatile. For Chinos, Khaki, Olive, Brown, Black and Navy are all wise choices. Any variation of Gray or Navy Dress Pants are versatile. It’s important that the color does not clash with the shirt you are wearing: black pants and a navy shirt does not go well together because they are similar in color, however black pants and a black shirt is acceptable.

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